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Post-Conference R&R

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Up early to draft the post about yesterday’s football fantasy. Figured out how to send aftermath completely private without locking up posts one by one. Did the same for Susan’t blog. Next to go: Twitter.

Breakfast buffet at the hotel, then into D.C. early, holding 11am tickets to Ford’s Theatre. Arriving over 90 minutes early, walked down around the FBI Building, chatting about how testy I had felt over this trip not actually being necessary for the stated business reason, that management was primarily hoping that the thrill of being in the center of action might lure me back up to D.C. It won’t.

Ford’s Theatre tour was worth the time and the small charge, although the line was too long for us to step into the house across the street where Lincoln died. We next headed down to Chinablock for lunch, Susan with Moo Goo Gai Pan, me with a deliciously unique chicken curry. Does Houston have a Chinablock?

Checked out the museum store for the International Spy Museum, almost picking up a $350 camera belt for Kelly. But put off to some other time the top secret mission of visiting the spy museum itself.

Spent the rest of the afternoon in the Smithsonian’s portrait museum, with a brief break for cookies and drinks. With bad weather coming in, called Marjorie to cancel tentative plans to join her for a Nationals game at which Randy Johnson was hoping to win his 300th. Turned out that the rain did eventually cancel the game anyway. Maybe Dylan was wrong, sometimes anyway.

Picked up a souvenir thimble for our kitchen collection. Burgers at Harry’s Pub near Metro Center, just in time to avoid a very heavy downpour. Brief stop by B&N for Gumbi and two nostalgic CDs, then back out to the hotel.

All in all, a very relaxing vacation day, with lots of good exercise, good sightseeing, good laughs, and lots of love. R&R of the best quality!

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3 June 2009 at 8:03 pm

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