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impromptu baseball, two per side, set up in a steeply slanted room at th western edge, with a chute set up leading down to a hole torn out for th ball to be pitched through. a dog stepping up to help th other team pitch. my side did get one out, and my first hit was only a single instead of th homers my partner was swinging, but it started to appear we might continue to bat our side all night. i felt somewhat frustrated at having to use a pencil for a bat, switched to using a comb – shorter, but more face to th ball

looking up before one of my at-bats, in a clear blue sky i saw a very strangely designed cloud. looked around for my camera, before realizing that all th busy scurrying of everyone else indicated that th pattern was not a cloud, but rather a message to us posted in th sky by aliens, an ultimatum and a warning. left our baseball game to proxy players to finish off, driving away in a bus i looked back to what turned out to have been a coal pit where we had been playing, thoughts of our play leaving fresh artifacts for later generations to find in th pit

heading down to th lower level to seek my things for departure, but all th power had been turned off with th emergency at hand, so it was completely dark. feeling around in one of th lockers, i could find only a few clothes and books of others in our party, nothing of mine. went around through th hallways toward my room hoping to get enough things there to carry me through. came across another group that was separately meeting in th hotel. one of their name tags had fallen from th bulletin board where they were setting up, i picked it up for them, many other name tags appeared dropped on th floor

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Written by macheide

25 March 2009 at 4:04 am

Posted in oneirra


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