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As Expected

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Patterns shown by certain charts demonstrate once again that one need not collect all the stars in the galaxy to get a pretty good idea what the night sky looks like. As expected. In this case, meaning representational. Characteristic. Sufficiently typical. At least one of us will still find solitude in exploring stretches others never get around to visiting, but even the outliers we find won’t rewrite any books.

That doesn’t mean I have a clue where that $70 billion number for an increase is coming from. I still think somebody’s smoking something left over from the 60s. Does it not bother anybody that that’s completely off the current chart? And what became of smoothing, corridors, and expected service? Or are we phasing in phase 2 already? So let’s see now, what them quarterlies are leaking out to us. As expected. In this case, meaning that what some have called expected is not necessarily remotely realistic. Watch for something no higher than $40 billion increase for the galaxy, with maybe $30-35 billion for the constellation – still enough of a leap to give pause to any premature market recovery, since earnings forecasts have not yet factored these numbers in, but no more than half the $70 speculation. At least one of us is not all that surprised, although don’t hold your breath waiting for a corrected number to sneak into the final report.

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Written by macheide

24 March 2009 at 6:41 am

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