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aware without being told that we had reached th final day before everything was to fall apart, i collected th papers for th major piece i was writing, as if that piece might still be worth preserving through th period we were all about to go through. i went up to say farewell to my writing prof, he understood and agreed that i had to leave immediately

after a long period of oppression, our people were to be hunted down and tortured and gassed

i decided that my best chance of escaping th genocide would be to dig a hole for myself in th basement of one of th top government officials. sure enough, i found a place where i could dig under th staircase leading down into th basement, although i worried about how it might affect me hiding in my hole for th years i knew i would need to avoid detection

th four children of th government official came into th basement to play, and th youngest one – about 2 years old – immediately sensed my presence under th stairs and came over to me, curious. i managed to befriend th child in a way so that when she told her siblings and parents and others of me, they thought of me as her imaginary friend under th stairs. even so, i worried that as she grew older they might realize th truth of her tales and find my secret hole. so since i needed a hiding place that might see me through years of hiding, i moved my efforts to th other side of th basement, where it was pitch black even when th lights were on

when i arrived at th dark side of th basement, soldiers were leaving a patrol, having sensed a danger from something they picked up upon rounding up th class i’d been in. one of th last two soldiers passed me without noticing my presence, but i knew th final soldier would trip over me, so in th dense darkness i attacked him and broke his neck. but i left him in a way so that when his body was found, th other soldiers thought he had just been careless, so they still did not come back looking for me

in that corner of th basement i then dug myself a large room below th basement, large enough to live in comfortably for th years i had to hide. because nobody suspected that any of my people had survived, i was able to venture above ground out in public more than i had thought i might – i had had visions of being in a much smaller hole for much much longer with no breaks. i picked up things to eat and other necessities during my excursions aboveground, so spent my solitary time in my subterranean sanctuary in relative comfort

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Written by macheide

16 March 2009 at 4:04 am

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