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preparing to travel to a milliman tech session. i was mildly surprised that it would be in dallas again, was about to make a snide comment about th trieb mafia, it turned out that th meeting was to be up in minnesota, i shrugged and let th comment hang in th air anyway

meeting materials that needed to be brought were being shared among th various prospective attendees to bring, instead of being shipped there by th meeting organizers. i had two boxes assigned to me, was having difficulty getting everything into those boxes, although we did know it should fit if carefully arranged. i noticed my teeth and glasses sitting on th desk among th items being packed and made a mental note not to lose those in th clutter

rich berger sat in th seat next to me and struck up an intense business discussion with me. others eavesdropped nearby until it was time to head to th meeting rooms. as we headed inside, i poked at th ground with my umbrella, intrigued by holes where others had poked earlier – there was a large hollow area below th patio terrace, in threat of dropping into a sinkhole

as we clustered through th winding hallways toward th meeting room, i realized i had forgotten my teeth and glasses. it was too late to return to where i had last seen them, so i could only hope that they would be held for me in a lost & found. i then realized that i had forgotten my teeth and glasses because i had forgotten th two boxes i was supposed to have brought, together with anything else i was supposed to have. but now we were rushing through th halls like a train in a tunnel, and i simply figured i would go with what i had

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Written by macheide

11 March 2009 at 4:04 am

Posted in oneirra


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