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Basement Door

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We’re finally standing at the basement door.

Throughout our giddy ride down an elevator in near freefall, I’ve frequently looked out the window, not yet seeing the street through the fog, at best only speculating how far down I thought the ground floor might be. But yesterday’s thud sounds, looks and feels a lot like the hard concrete of street level.

I do still believe we’ll be giving the basement a lengthy visit, perhaps even take a mattress down there for want of a better place to sleep off our drunk.

And once we get down there and poke around a bit, it wouldn’t surprise me all that much if we were to find it to be like a building with a basement parking garage . . . that goes down into basement level two . . . and basement level three . . . and maybe even a dungeon below. Except if we spend too much time below the basement we can see from here, we’re going to come out of it looking like strange deep-sea creatures.

Meanwhile, I’m still hanging on tight to my wallet and my belt. Any bounce we imagine any time this spring still doesn’t have enough momentum to levitate, the elevator cable’s still snapped, and our legs are too damn tired to climb any stairs.

Yeah, at this level, we could easily have a short-term visit back up to the second or third floor, like what we saw last December, and that could so easily turn a month’s return of 15% or more given how far down we are. But I’m not into one-month horizons; and within the next three months, we’ll be well down the basement stairs. Yes, I believe we can see the floor of basement level one from here; but I don’t think we’ll be seeing the ceiling of the fourth floor or higher anytime before Labor Day; and I’m still of the opinion that I could sit tight the rest of 2009 without regret.

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3 March 2009 at 7:42 am

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you and a friend answered a knock on th door in th next room. it was th two neighbor boys offering to sell something. they had heard of opportunities for using door-to-door barter and sale to counter th economic slowdown. except they had merely retrieved some food scraps left in take-out wrappings that were in our own trash. even so, you and your friend each gave th boys $8, then nibbled at th scraps so as not to have them feel that you had been onto their ruse, so as to have them feel like they had done something worthwhile. really though, they only thought they had fooled you on something they knew to be naughty, and one could now easily envision all th boys of th entire neighborhood making similar pilgrimages to your door to sell you back your own trash

wayne was dallying too long, everyone else except he and i were already in th car and anxious to depart, said they would only wait another minute. i urged him to finish up quickly, but he continued his distraction unconcerned. th car began rolling away, so i ran to jump in th rear door on th left. at the very last instant as th car sped off down th road, wayne did leap in th rear right door. i was already unfolding a map to chart out th back roads up to fitchburg, past downtown and over to sanborn street. wayne felt sure he knew th way without my map. to be sure, i asked him if he could pull up an internet connection. he said yes, that he had a wireless contract that should give him access anywhere, and began to boot up his laptop

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3 March 2009 at 4:04 am

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