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Bitty Burb at 80k

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Bitty BurbThe Bitty Burb has reached 80k!! In just under 4-1/2 years of driving. As compared with the Blue Bug, which reached only 60k last May after about a decade on the road. Credit part of the difference to trips up to to the Dallas area the past two years. But even without that, Susan simply does more driving than I do. (In fact, she was probably behind the wheel for upwards of 2/3 of the Blue Bug’s own mileage to date although it was her primary set of wheels for no more than 1/4 of its life.)

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1 March 2009 at 1:40 pm

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Gertie’s Housekeeper

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1 March 2009 at 12:00 pm

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Kinda Like a Lion

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Which makes this fuel can, which I was too tired to get around to emptying last night, quite suitable for launching March.

This morning’s midnight rant belonging to insomnia leftover February, wandering into wild hypnagogic visions of an official form one could submit to the county to formally request not being victimized by any particular selected crime.

Although Tiny and his ward did their damnedest to get the month proper launched with a roar, let’s pretend that the past few days of bitching have cleared my system enough to give me some open air for a spell here. Think: Born Free, maybe.

Making it through the morning rant-free then becoming impossible unless I learn from countless previous mistakes (in this case otherwise known as launching IE) and recover from a a MicroSuck-imposed hard crash by avoiding as much MSuck software as possible the remainder of the day…week…month…year, even.

So let’s aim some of this energy at good ends, such as –

  • We’ll vacuum the bedroom and bathroom.
  • We’ll rip and sync Enya’s And Winter Came.
  • We’ll clean Gertie‘s cage, then clean up the sink and mirror.
  • We’ll join the fam – including Jenny – at Olive Garden for lunch ( a fantastic chicken soup and shrimp pasta for me).
  • We’ll get Jenny back to the airport for her flight back up to Dallas.

By which time all of the caffeine will have worn off and I’ll be pulling in for enough refill to see me through a few more pages of Finnegans Wake.

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1 March 2009 at 9:01 am

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Fraud Co-Conspirators

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If you receive a telephone call originating from the Harris County Jail, from an unknown caller, who requests you call a number for him/her preceded by *72 please hang-up immediately! While the caller may seem genuine and may even say something to the effect of, “Please help, I’ve been arrested for traffic tickets. I was supposed to pick up my children from school, this was my only phone call and I dialed the wrong number. Please dial *72 xxx-xxx-xxxx for me so I can check on my children.” This is a common call forwarding scam. If you follow this procedure, your phone will be “call forwarded” to the number provided by the inmate. All future calls to your telephone number will bypass your phone and ring at the number you entered after dialing *72. The inmate will now continue to dial your number but your phone will not ring. All inmate collect calls, accepted by the person at the other number, will be charged to you.

What You Should Do

  • Immediately dial *73 to cancel “Call Forwarding”
  • Contact your telephone service provider and report the fraud to them
  • If you desire, contact SBC at 1-800-984-8800 to have calls originating from the Harris County Jail blocked

Harris County Sheriff’s Office

No!!!! This is so insanely wrong, it would be euphemistically kind to characterize it as ass backwards. Yet the tritely obvious stupidity of this isn’t stopping SBC from billing innocent victims for what the phone company knows full well to be actively blatant fraud. Nor has Harris County taken any serious steps to protect citizens, this idiotic puff of hot air posted on the web included.

What next? Is there a phone number I can call to request that my house not be robbed, else Harris County will feel free to hand my house keys and alarm code over to its inmates? Is there a form I should fill out to request that I not be murdered, else Harris County will feel free to hand over a gun to its inmates to give them some recreational activity? Shall we do this for every crime, letting the sheriff give access and tools to criminals to do as they please to any citizen who has not formally put in explicit request for any particular specific protection?

How about this for the default: if SBC can so easily block calls originating from the Harris County Jail upon request, then let’s have call forwarding with respect to any Harris County Jail pay telephones automatically blocked for all other telephones. Period.

Oh, are there any legitimate reasons for which and arrangements whereby an inmate might legally have a basis for such a call forwarding arrangement? Then damn it, get it in writing on file with the Sheriff from the outside party in advance of the call. In other words, instead of the default being fraud-friendly, with protection provided only on request and law enforcement not provided even then; instead make the default no call forwarding, with exceptions made only when authorized in advance. Duh.

Absent that obvious solution, call it what it is: SBC and the Harris County Sheriff’s Office are willingly and knowingly complicit in the fraud: providing the weapon, the means, the opportunity, and the justification to the perpetrators; sharing in the monetary damages suffered by the victims; and failing to enforce the law or in any way restrict the fraudulent activities of offenders.

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1 March 2009 at 1:31 am

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