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iecenter090224Since I use Internet Explorer even less than I dirty myself sneaking back through the suicidal LiveJournal, I had to peek over Susan‘s shoulder reading Rode Hard to remind myself that IE doesn’t understand the concept that HTML is supposed to be a standard. Although the block in which I set any poem is meant to be centered in aftermath’s main blog space, the poem itself is supposed to be left-aligned. Firefox (and some older versions of IE, since Microsoft doesn’t even keep standard to its own whims, forcing anyone still bothering with IE to continually return to grade school to re-learn their basics) gets it right.

What’s worse is that WordPress has its own amalgam of random non-standard quirks about what constitutes HTML, changing for any given code from setting to setting and from time to time. So putting in the time to re-work all my poems (yes, looking back, they’ve all been messed up) is like exploring a dense jungle never before touched by human feet.

If IE or WordPress had a clue about the value of HTML standardization, this would all be so unnecessary. I already spend more time on the formatting and logistics of each of my posts than I give to the actual writing of them, no thanks to WordPress. This is all I need: taking extra time to re-code each entry so it will display correctly in a browser that readers should be abandoning anyway.

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Written by macheide

24 February 2009 at 8:43 am

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