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Rode Hard

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Not exactly the country & western standard I imagined to be playing in the background. But hand me an acoustic guitar and a harmonica, and a presentable folk lament might be made of this. Which I’ll dedicate to a former employer that remains addicted to sucking off the fruits of what I created for them, they with no more a shrug than any ignorant rider would give a discarded horse.
Rode Hard

Five hundred miles of the most sinfully bad
road my tired eyes have ever had
to go by on how rough a run can get –
Rode hard and put up wet.

Mourning the strange disappearance of an old
friend for whom the fire’s gone cold
before it’s out of memories to forget –
Rode hard and put up wet.

You’ll get what you got from me out of no other mount
(and doing me again just as mean, that wouldn’t count).

At an unreachable distance gone fast asleep
is the laughter of company I used to keep.
Soon I’ll be home, just not as yet –
Rode hard and put up wet.

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Written by macheide

23 February 2009 at 5:10 pm

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