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High Chair Assembly

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As typically discombobulated as I am at assembly,
guess which took me longer to put together:
Jayden’s high chair or this post.
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22 February 2009 at 9:53 pm

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Put Up Wet

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Rode hard and put up wet

Southerners sure can find the perfect way to put it.

We’d been talking about how hard Leonard Cohen and Bob Dylan had aged. How would you describe that look? Whereupon Susan introduced me to another one of those quaint descriptions one only hears in Texas or in Texas-wannabe parts: “Rode hard and put up wet.”

“Rough,” she said it meant, like how a horse would look when it was still sweating after a long rugged gallop. Kelly then introduced both of us to the younger generation’s more vulgar definition, with just enough subtle detail to make the point of how too many men treat women much as they’d treated horses in the situations that gave us this image in the first place. The basic gist being that the horse (or woman, or an employee who had created a special project of value to a company, or any other object of temporary urgency) had been used to the hard edge of extreme utility (“rode,” not even ridden), then simply abandoned without tending to the needs of the one who had been used so.

For Dylan, Susan had meant only the general visual impression of what such a horse would look like: 500 miles of bad road, so to speak. But the full image could probably be said to be apropos: throughout most if not all of the 45+ years of his career, an audience who has felt it owned Dylan’s vision has all too frequently “rode” him hard then quite readily put him up “wet” without so much as a shrug for his needs for privacy, his own life, his own dream. Owned, just as owned as a dispensable old mare.

From the perspective of wordsmithing, I find a uniquely pleasurable twist in a set of words that is set as a description of the object (the horse), while technically finding its purest meanings in its implied depiction of the subject (the ignorant rider). Few words or word groups have that quality: applying to one thing while actually referring to another. One simple illustration – “sunlit” – isn’t nearly as pungent as this Southern bit of roadkill is.

This ought at least base for a good ol’ boy country & western standard song, one would think.

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22 February 2009 at 3:44 pm

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