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engraved ways

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[do we still want th change we were all expecting, or are we already prepared to settle for th same old, what we’re all used to?]

we have been carving into th stone walls regularly now, as if it is acceptable, even expected of us. yet when it is noticed and more closely inspected, i half worry that we will be disciplined for it and forced to repair it

i started it all, just a scratch on one of th walls that had a raised surface depicting an old hero. with a nail i scratched in a curve that gave motion to th depiction, new depth and meaning. then carved that scratch further until i had etched out many canyons into th wall, all connecting up with th picture, making it live

others joined me on th other walls, pictures and letters and shapes, until th room was breathing our dreams

our host came into th room and drew very close to one of th engraved inscriptions to critique it. then asked us if we ourselves were aware of why our engravings were doing so well, were more acceptable than maybe we ourselves knew. when we had no response, he briefly instructed us on th art behind it, how it all fit

but did not include something i thought we had also achieved, so when he was finished speaking, i added: and each of our engravings can be viewed in 20 different ways, differently from each different angle, giving each carving 20 different meanings, as contrasted with th raised illustrations that were originally in th room being able to be seen only in 12 different ways

our host couldn’t see what i meant, so asked me to list th 20 ways. i said i would work it out and show him later, then went over to my first carved curve to work out what i knew ought to be seen there, but in th light now in th room could not at first see more than just th one curve, although i knew 19 others to still be there

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16 February 2009 at 4:04 am

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