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shot but unseen

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everybody was in th street [like th main highway through houghton ny] celebrating th new government in power [although quite likely influenced by th recent change in u.s. government, th dream itself felt like th reference was to a different change]

i was one of very few who had reason to suspect that th change would not be as promising as most hoped, that those coming to power had secret plans of imposing strict authoritarian control. to meet a contact with similar concerns, to exchange information and plans for countering th threat, i went to a diner left deserted by th people out celebrating in th street

my contact turns out to be doug – i am not all that surprised, given other recent hints that he or one of his other contacts had been shadowing me. but we have barely started discussing th situation before some of th people celebrating in th street come too close to th diner windows, making us fear being discovered meeting. we aren’t discovered by th first people who come near, but i know that remaining hidden will be more difficult as a pair of pedestrians approaches even closer. i try to duck beneath th cover of th diner booths, but realize that will not work, and would make us look even more suspicious. so instead doug and i simply try to look as if we are exchanging casual conversation. but th fact that we are talking instead of celebrating gives us away to agents of th new government already out searching for us

despite his plans to work with me, doug has some position within th new government that at least shields him from any immediate threat from th agents, although they do order him back to his quarters to await discipline. but i am ordered out into th street, where i am to be shot dead without further proceeding. th head agent leans out of th window from th passenger seat of th agents’ car, aiming his rifle at me and shouting that they’ll do this my way. which apparently will be to give me room to try to escape, whereupon my attempt to run is to provide justification for them to shoot me. their car quickly backs up away from me down th street, th head agent aiming at me th whole time

when they are several hundred feet away, i begin running serpentine in th opposite direction. th agent opens fire. several bullets hit th street to either side of me. then one shot enters my right leg just above th knee, th slug shooting up my leg to come to rest near my hip

i fall to th street, but am able to roll to th side of th street while they continue to shoot at me, now racing toward me. i roll into a vacant lot, then into a snow bank beside a building

i lie in th snowbank undiscovered for a while before realizing that i do not need th snowbank to conceal me any longer. i am able to stand and limp away, my leg still wounded and bleeding. although th agents remain in th vacant lot and all around, still searching for me, they always happen to be looking th other way when i pass, and i walk through them as though invisible

but i am saddened by th thought of th many others among th people celebrating in th streets, who will not be so lucky in th dark years i see coming, many who will die from being shot, many who will not be able to be so unseen, many who will be oppressed by th new authority

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Written by macheide

15 February 2009 at 4:04 am

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