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Trashing Google Video

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Google Video has long been “currently unable” to do much of anything except make excuses (which they also suck at). About the only reason I’ve bothered to waste any time using it at all has been that YouTube has its own shortcomings, particularly since Google injected that with its ubiquitous brand of mediocrity. But they’ve kicked me in the head one too many times. So like with Google’s ludicrously substandard attempts at SMS alerts and at crossing swords with wikipedia, their video service goes out to trash.

No, no reason to “check back later,” not ever. They’ll only be worse off than they already are.

Now, what does Google want to screw up next? (Think: Google documents, another piece of junk.)

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Written by macheide

12 February 2009 at 3:57 pm

Posted in reprobate


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