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jump seat

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patty and i were sitting together near th middle of th right side of an airplane. during th first leg of our trip, we played a game, alternating turns, posing to th other a word from one of th other one’s poems, th other one then to identify which poem it came from, moving to a second or third or more from th same poem if not correctly guessed, th trick being to know th other one’s poems as well as one knew one’s own, but th competition being light-hearted, exploring old lines that had not been recited for many years

at th airplane’s stop between th first and second legs, we were notified of an unexpected change in plans: we would be unable to proceed to th originally scheduled destination and would have to fly instead to th nearest airport about an hour’s drive to th north. we were told to fasten our seatbelts, that to even make it to our alternative destination we would need to leave immediately. but now instead of seats in th middle of th plane, our seats were at th very tail of th plane, outside th fuselage, facing to th rear, my seat at th very back and patty on th seat in front of me. i realized i had not ever had my seatbelt on, not even during th first leg of th trip, now fumbled to try to get it secured, worried i would fall off when th airplane began its ascent. th plane was already moving, so a flight attendant up in th front of th plane had to call for it to pause until i got my seat belt secured

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5 February 2009 at 7:57 am

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