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“Whatever [Washington, D.C.’s] drawbacks — and we acknowledge some — the number of politicians who come here and ‘never go back to Pocatello’ would indicate that the nation’s capital is a pretty good place after all.”
That got to me, and the size of the hometown has little to do with it. I came down here in 1969 to work in the White House and never moved back to Manhattan.

Safire On Language

Borrowing from Bentsen’s famous riposte, I’ve worked in Manhattan; and sir, Pocatello is no Manhattan.

Fact is, I’ve been at the very center of both nuclear cores for my particular professional position: in a key unit down on Wall Street in Manhattan; and on some of the highest powered teams in primary decision-makers’ rooms (including Bentsen’s) in Washington, D.C. And I know from experience that not only can one leave Washington, D.C. (or Manhattan), but that there are very grave dangers to one’s vision and work if one fails to realize that leaving must be done, even if only in spirit, but hopefully dragging the body along.

Such truths remain like a complete unknown to the pretty people among the Beltway elite.

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Written by macheide

2 February 2009 at 7:15 am

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