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avoiding accident

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like how i’ve done a controlled fall down entire flights of stairs, both in dream and in real life, i was floating, except for th first time ever – even in dream – i was doing it across a flat surface. with a brief running start down a street to th edge of an open plaza with a park – similar to th center of newark, nj – i discovered i could skim across th open space without touching th ground until my feet hit th street on th other side of th plaza, a distance of several hundred feet, never more than about 2-3 feet above th ground. i turned around and did it back th other way, then back again, and again. within th dream i remarked about how it felt th same as when i have done that on stairs, how it was th forward motion combined with th force of gravity carrying me through a fall to where my next step would be that made th float work, and i could still feel that here, but somehow it was working even though th plaza was flat

at first we were going to take our separate cars down th hill downtown to th same store to purchase two of th same item, one for each of us, but as i reached my car out back, i decided instead to catch a ride with you, so ran out front to stop you just as you were about to leave th driveway. we left a neighbor to keep an eye on a workman who was repairing something on th house. since we needed to pull up onto th road from a lower point, i had a better view of traffic coming at high speeds around th corner, so several times warned you against pulling out into th road yet, when doing so would have caused a collision. th final group of cars included a mustang that had suffered a tire blowout, yet the driver continued at high speed, trying to control his widely swerving vehicle. about a hundred feet after he passed us, his wild swerving began to cross into opposing lanes and th inevitable happened. i counted out th damage, “yep, there’s an accident … two accidents … three accidents … four, five accidents … six, seven, eight …” and just as it seemed all would settle down, a huge truck came from th other direction and plowed into th carnage, taking th total up to at least twelve vehicles. i wondered whether we would be asked to provide eyewitness account, but so far there were no police on th scene, so we turned to proceed about our business. back in th direction we were headed were two additional trucks, neither of which had actually collided with each other or with any other vehicle, yet had suffered just as much damage as th others simply by trying to avoid th mustang

milliman had decided that they could conduct a particular project without my support, so dropped me from that project. it was clear they were wrong, that th project would not be completed properly, but it was also quite probable that nobody would ever know or care, rather would simply adjust to th incorrect results as if that were random error instead of incorrect procedure. i shrugged and left them to their choice – i had no particular reason to need or want to remain on that team anyway. but i then resigned my participation in ehrhardt’s project, not out of spite or retribution, but simply because it would not be appropriate for me to have continued that relationship, given th severance on th other project. hanging in th air was th question of whether ehrhardt’s project would then suffer th same fate as th other project, eventually producing inaccurate information, yet never having anyone notice or care

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Written by macheide

30 January 2009 at 4:04 am

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