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Bum Rush

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bum rushTo attack someone or something by wildly charging them full force with no sort of tact or skill other than one’s own momentum and possibly the backs and sides of their fists as they randomly flail them out of rage, but certainly consisting of no precisely swung blows.

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Sure, choosing a running mate so obviously inadequately prepared for any presence whatsoever on the national or international stage was a bone-headed decision demonstrating questionable leadership. And failure to reach toward a meaningful victory in the nation’s ill-conceived war in Iraq that might bring our soldiers home sometime in their own generation spoke of a dangerous failure to recognize the duty to govern for the people. And the failure to distance himself sufficiently from the serious failures of the Bush Administration – ranging from rampant morale problems in virtually every federal agency all the way through to an arrogant disregard for national and international law – contributed to electoral failures that extended far into the GOP’s various levels and far out into the party’s future.

But almost any citizen or commentator half awake through this past election would at least grant, if not vigorously agree, that what most killed McCain’s chances in the 2008 presidential election was his utter failure to suggest any cohesive strategy for dealing with the economic crisis. Just keep your faith in the basic underlying strength of the U.S. economy, blame any problems on “whiners,” and keep repeating meaningless old insults against the other side, without ever once enunciating a clear, cohesive policy of your own.

The American voter made it quite clear what we think of such a stay-the-course do-nothing stance.

Yet just like the charge of the light brigade, there go the House Republicans galloping pell mell right down the cliff trail blazed by McCain & Co. So in the end, McCain lost the battle but wins the war: the got-no-solution camp takes over the reins, doing their worst to block anything from being done to reverse the freefall. Tens of thousands more lose their jobs day after day after day, while with no solution of their own, all the congressional Republicans can come up with is leftover McCain campaign rhetoric.

So just like how Rove’s antics lost Congress for the GOP in 2006, then Mcain-Palin ticket lost even more in Congress while losing the White House in 2008, the remaining GOP congressional survivors seem bent on making Custer’s Last Stand look like a charity ball.

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29 January 2009 at 4:00 pm

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