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Sharp Cold Front

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Rarely have any cold fronts moved through the Houston region more abruptly. On my outbound commute from the office around 5pm, the radio noted that although downtown temperatures at that hour remained at 74°, the temperature up at Conroe had already dropped to the high 50s, suggesting a sharp wall to the front.

Shortly after 6pm, a weather map on the television showed Conroe at 41°, downtown Houston down to 58°, but Pasadena near us still up at 73°. Not only a sharp wall, but moving steadily south.

Sitting out in the back yard, the front could be both felt and seen. Wind gusts have taken the temperatures down more than 10° during less than half an hour. And a clear line can be seen between dense clouds being pushed down toward Galveston and crystal clear skies to the north over Houston.

Today our high temperature reached 78° without setting a new high for the day. Tomorrow we’ll see one brief day of what Houston calls “winter,” on overnight lows barely brushing the high 20s, then with the high temperature tomorrow afternoon only reaching 48°. But by Thursday it will be warming up into the 60s again, and don’t be too surprised if we’re back into the 70s for the weekend.

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27 January 2009 at 7:52 pm

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