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New Mobile Phone

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I usually hang on to a cell phone until it’s worn down into the ground from age. But fatigue or carelessness or some other gremlin grabbed it from my hand and threw it to the concrete floor of my office parking garage last week, breaking off a chip where you can see the yellow peeking through the device’s corner in this video clip. The poor thing hung on courageously for a week, but this morning started refusing to remain closed.

Usually, I would keep it around for another few years of service, keeping it closed by laying it on its lid instead of on its back. But I never much liked this model anyway. And our wireless provider, Verizon, demonstrated once again that when it comes to good customer service, they believe in real action, not just the false marketing of their major competitor. So although not yet eligible for a new phone – normally I’m still on my old one years after eligibility – Verizon made it so.

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Written by macheide

26 January 2009 at 8:29 pm

Posted in Adrien


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