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New Mobile Phone

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I usually hang on to a cell phone until it’s worn down into the ground from age. But fatigue or carelessness or some other gremlin grabbed it from my hand and threw it to the concrete floor of my office parking garage last week, breaking off a chip where you can see the yellow peeking through the device’s corner in this video clip. The poor thing hung on courageously for a week, but this morning started refusing to remain closed.

Usually, I would keep it around for another few years of service, keeping it closed by laying it on its lid instead of on its back. But I never much liked this model anyway. And our wireless provider, Verizon, demonstrated once again that when it comes to good customer service, they believe in real action, not just the false marketing of their major competitor. So although not yet eligible for a new phone – normally I’m still on my old one years after eligibility – Verizon made it so.

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26 January 2009 at 8:29 pm

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in need of a ride

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several miles out of town at a strip mall bordering three sides of a parking lot. i loitered near the opening of a deep doorway that was colored deep purple, dressed myself all in purple, softly singing an old song while you kept up th harmony several doors down. patty had been sitting with friends in a car near th door, but gave no sign of recognizing th imitation of one of her own songs. th sign would have been obvious if she had looked or heard. i walked back deeper into th doorway to intensify th purple, but they had driven off

time was getting late, and i didn’t have a ride to th main church back in town. i went to th church annex at th southeast corner of th strip mall inquiring when th youth choir leader was expected, a janitor told me not until 10pm, th choir leader was on th shift currently active back at th main church. i thought briefly of walking back to town, but it was at least 3 miles back and i only had about an hour, and th city lights against nighttime clouds indicated that town was up to th north instead of to th south where i would have headed, so i wasn’t sure walking would work out. i mingled with some of th people gathering for a meeting at th annex, hoping to find someone who could give me a ride. i shared some of my leftover beef jerky with jim, but kept th homemade bread, which kept growing larger with each bite i tore off th one large lump. th message presented at th meeting had something to do with special personal commitments made by football stars and th related pledges made by members of th congregation. i saw carol z come in so knew she could be my ride if nobody else had a spare seat open, but anticipated that th leaders of th meeting would ask th whole group if there were any visitors needing rides, or that something would turn up once people began leaving

sheila was there. nothing eventful came of her presence

told there might be a problem with seats on th bus, they’d oversold tickets for camp, had over 1000 scheduled to attend, that we’d better get in line early if we wanted to be sure of a place. i inquired as to whether i could simply give up my own ticket, would rather just stay home for th week, but my request was ignored. tried to return to our dorm room to be sure i’d packed everything, but they had th hallway back to th rooms closed for getting ready for th next group. i made it on th first bus, scooted along th handrail without my feet touching th ground as th line moved to get us through more quickly, got myself a window seat center right

at a rest stop we were instructed to evacuate th bus. some ultra-rightwing gang members had showed up threatening our people in th rest stop building, and bombmaking equipment had been discovered in th car of one. i shielded my laptop against th concrete block side of th building in case th bus exploded. when all clear was signaled, i crawled over th passenger who had made it back to th middle seat in our row before me, retaking my window seat

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26 January 2009 at 4:04 am

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