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Chicken Soup for the Stale

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Yes stale. When I’m feeling fine, I can stay in one corner of my room for days without so much as a blink. But catch me a cold, and I catch cabin fever faster than my nightstand can clutter itself up with my orange juice and soup bowls and all. So my bed’s stale, this room’s gone stale, and it’s all rubbing off on me.

That’s my version of a cold remedy there: Campbell’s canned cream of chicken soup with a can of whole milk; shredded cheese; two generous soup spoons of sour cream; a can of V8 juice; plenty of pepper and a dash of salt. Yum.

Settling down to let it recuperate me to freshness while I watch Lance Armstrong cycle his way down under.

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Written by macheide

25 January 2009 at 3:29 pm

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