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Sick Leave

I sound like a frog. My chest feels like a bog. My head’s in a fog. And I don’t much care to even use the time off to turn that into my occasional limerick.

So just drop my sick leave bank balance down to two and a half weeks, and wake me up after this day has done its business on everyone else.

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23 January 2009 at 7:15 am

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scenes at shady banks

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a series of sequences at arcola, beginning in th reb‘s front room. you were curious that she and i were never in th same room at th same time, like clark kent and superman. i shrugged something about her and me not getting along, but that explanation was unsatisfactory. you found her in her back room and asked th same question. she shrugged something about me and her being unable to be in th same room at th same time and demonstrated by stepping into her front room, which popped me into her back room like one bubble in water pushing into another bubble’s place. this still seemed to you like defining a word using an alternative form of th same word

mf was in th back room working on an accounting program that i thought was like my spreadsheet. it turned out not to be, but i tried to show him how he could make it work th same

in th kitchen, viv was at th stove making breakfast for herself. we were on th ledge by th perk window trying to figure out whether th right word for an old cat stevens song was “heard” or “said.” viv sang through th verse with “used.” i had trouble repeating th verse at first, but “used” was definitely th correct version

i stood in th middle of the dining room floor where th table used to be, soaking up lingering ghosts of th old times there. then looked out a back window i’d never been able to stand at before because sculptures had been in th way. i could see outside th way it had been when bernie and viv had first bought th place

at th fireplace, viv had collected all th furniture that still remained in th house, trying to build herself a little warm place. th rest of th house was now completely empty. i suggested it would be warmer if she were to put a blanket over th furniture to build a tent to hold in th heat of th fireplace

out back, bernie was hoping i might help pull an old jeep up out of th mud for him

Bumper Sticker [] - oneirra

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23 January 2009 at 4:04 am

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