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Not So Live

When I’d finally had enough of LiveJournal‘s shenanigans a year ago today, the blogging pioneer still clung to a ranking near the mid 50s, as measured by Alexa. LJ did luck into a false peak rank near 50 in early 2008, but since then has steadily dug itself deeper and deeper into the mud, ending the year since my departure down below 90.

LJ’s decline cannot be blamed on the worldwide economic crisis, its owners’ laughable excuses to the contrary. At least LJ is finally once again unique: no other top-100-ranked site has been steadily losing ground, even with the bad economy. The world’s economy will turn around in 2010 or 2011, but LJ will be lower than it is today by then, and will keep right on sinking further.

In a smirk at LJ’s recent layoffs of crucial product managers and engineers while preserving positions for finance and operations workers, Valleywag accurately described LJ as “a website to be left on life support.” That, and with second-hand emergency room equipment years past its warranty.

Like the hapless, the only asset LJ still has are its dwindling membership’s own friends: one tends to be reluctant to leave even an inferior network if one’s friends are there. Like, “I’d rather live in hell where all my drinking buddies are than to get stuck in heaven where I don’t know anybody.” But with the whole world and maybe an extra planet or two active on Facebook and myspace, LJ won’t even hang onto that asset very much longer.

LJ didn’t have to die. But it is killing itself off. And won’t recover, even after the economy does.

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17 January 2009 at 8:20 pm

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