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On Transigence

There is no such thing. If one is not inflexible, then he can be called flexible; but if he is not intransigent, we don’t call him transigent. If one is not uncompromising, then he’s probably open to reasonable compromise; but if he ceases being intransigent, we’re not quite certain what he’s become.

I’m guessing this one-sided etymology is a nod to the fact that the word was born in the political arena and to this day is viewed as belonging to the argot of the politico. One can always find a president or a governor or a senator who is intransigent. One who is not? Truly not? Only in our deepest dreams.

But insurance companies lack in transigency too. While roofs, they can be quite transigent. Just saying.

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Written by macheide

12 January 2009 at 2:17 am

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