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Outa One Frying Pan


If you’re one of the newcomers WordPress is currently welcoming over from the suicidal LiveJournal, get used to seeing the message clipped above, one of several you’ll find common to your blogging experience here. Also get used to just plain sitting while WP just churns endlessly without bothering to pick one of its error cards out of the deck to let you know you’re stuck. And when the WP message tells you to come back to try again in a few minutes, make that a few hours, or tomorrow, or next week. LJ worked past such growing pains back around 2000-2001, but don’t wait for WP to get with the program before you complete your migration from there to here. With LJ’s engineers laid off, you can count the days before LJ is again even less reliable than WP might seem to be.

Many other things here will make you feel right at home, just like what you’re used to back at LJ. Like, the certainty that if your blog looks exactly the way you want it to look today, that eventually inevitably it will get screwed up by nothing more than some whim change in WP’s own system. Like, having to learn a completely unique non-standard version of HTML to achieve some of the most basic effects, only to have to learn yet another non-standard version of HTML the next time some other WP programmer takes a crack at the system. Like, the introduction of new features that you have to waste your own time learning although you don’t want them, so you can at least know how to waste your own time turning them off once users have complained enough to force WP to add a patch off-switch.

All too familiar if you clung to LJ way too long in the vain hope that one day they’d wake up to respect their real value as being in the writers they could retain and the writings those writers produced and the audiences and communities built on their words, versus the brief brilliance of some unwanted system feature or the pile of pennies gleaned from overloading their users’ work with the adverts of a failed commercial model.

Yes, all quite familiar, except WP hasn’t yet taken it as far as LJ did, at least not yet. So one might be able to at least catch a break here, maybe rest up before continuing the exodus to find the promised land: a permanent blogging home that one need never leave again.

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9 January 2009 at 4:46 pm

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S&P 1500 Pensions Not Quite That Bad

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Yes, 2008 was the worst year in the history of pension plans. But it wasn’t as bad as recent press, based on some rather loose estimates, suggests.

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9 January 2009 at 4:30 pm

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