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Pro Not Con

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Yes, a spark that lit the keg of gunpowder on this book spun out of my reading of The Black Swan. But the gunpowder was there already and would have gone off sooner or later anyway.

Even so, I’m going to continue reading this other book, since I know I will be able to carry on my own writing without fear of that book overly influencing my own, certainly no more so than reviewing Descartes and actuarial textbooks and other background research I plan to conduct while writing.

Whereas I anticipate my consumption of most of the other background reading I’ll be doing on this project to be supportive, quite obviously I’ve had a very strong visceral reaction against Taleb’s superficial over-projection of his personal experience. But I aim to use Taleb’s insults of those he views as beneath him as a model of what I ought avoid in my own writing, little more.

I will be writing with the aim to describe what I believe can be understood and shared, that is, what actuarial thinking stands “for,” rather than to waste effort in a vain attempt to argue “against.”

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30 December 2008 at 11:25 pm

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