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Mapping the Chapters

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When I wrote the book on pension nondiscrimination, I first mapped out all of the chapters I intended to do, extensively detailed, that outline itself a more valuable reference tool on the topic than most any other content, both then and even to this day over 15 years later.

Someday maybe I’ll write a book differently, perhaps build a chapter or two without knowing the full map, then just follow my nose. This book might even be that way a little within each chapter. But not for the overall layout of the whole book. Like with the nondiscrimination book, I’ve started by mapping out the chapters I’ll be writing.

Got 15 so far. Might add several more before all is written and packed up to go to print. But this first set of 15 pretty much scopes out the territory I plan to cover, plus the sequencing I want through that territory.

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Written by macheide

29 December 2008 at 10:51 pm

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