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Finding Its Voice

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This book moved from back burner to active boil in the instant I voiced out loud its working title: Releasing Your Inner Actuary. Whether or not I keep that title through to publication, what that title has in it that moves me from dream to action is the slightly tongue-in-cheek mix of the odd with the universal, the implication – which will be not only an implicit theme throughout the book, but also its hope for finding an audience – that there is really nothing all that unique in how an actuary addresses and manages uncertainty and risk, that the actuary’s ideas and methods are quite universal. At the same time, I intend a degree of lighthearted teasing of the actuary in any and all of this.

Even if I wind up changing the title, I anticipate aiming for the same feel, since that was the spark that launched this into turning active on me: just light enough or just strange enough to remain far clear of actually being an actuarial mathematics treatise, while still trying to reach out to common ground that brings the actuarial mind to the general public, as it were.

For the nondiscrimination book, I started with chapter 15, worked out from that core in both directions, and wrote the preface last. That felt so natural to me that I was picturing doing the same here, reserving work on any preface until after everything else had been written. It didn’t fall out that way: I opened the file for my writing on this book with a first draft of a preface. Alright, now I’ll probably write out 20 different variations of a preface as I proceed, so even portions of this first draft might never make it to the final proof. For now, it helps me find the voice I think I want. Mine. How I would say it if I were to write it. Which of course would be appropriate, since I am doing so – just, I know I may have to work on it to aim toward something anyone else might care to read.

But it’s a start. A good solid start.

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28 December 2008 at 10:16 pm

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BP Monitor

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Since I thought I’d lost this old equipment, Santa gave me a new machine to keep track of my BP. Eh, this old one had turned into a pathological liar anyway, isn’t even worth the trouble of remembering to save in a goodwill pile.

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28 December 2008 at 12:50 pm

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