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Releasing My Inner Blah Blah Blah

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So yeah, I’m doing it again: working on writing a book. At any given moment, I’ve got several dozen rolling around in the cement mixer atop my neck; but this one is starting to pave some serious road, I think.

If I do it right, this one’s got the two key elements I look for. First, nobody else has ever written this book, at least not in the way I plan to go about laying things out. Nobody else has ever been crazy enough to, one might say. But conversely, it’s got a real chance of finding an audience, people who might actually find reason to read it.

This one is not completely new on my project list: I’ve at least two other concrete book projects I could point to that this might succeed in combining and moving off the stove. But now I see where I want to go, and I’m giving it serious attention, and it’s moving, and I won’t let go my grip on its throat.

So like some of my dreams, I heard myself saying out loud what a working title might be for this book, and at the beginning of that sentence I was half joking, but by the end of the sentence I knew this one to be dead serious.

Except I promise not to put myself in the hospital doing so, like the last time.

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Written by macheide

27 December 2008 at 8:57 pm

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