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So What’s the Delay?

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I’m within eyesight of the medical office building with about 15 minutes until today’s doc appointment. But what’s this red flag about, and is it going to make me late?

Except the real delay can be inferred from the direction I’m looking: north up Beamer, instead of south. That’s right: I’d thought my appointment was down at my doc’s Webster office. Got there to find an open but very empty office, where one of the only two staffers on hand pointed me back up to my own backyard, where I could have walked to my appointment in the time it took me to drive down to Webster and back. But at least I left myself that much time, so am not yet late here at this roadwork stop.

Which will turn out to hold me up for only a minute more. So that I will arrive at my doc’s local office about 5 minutes before they finish their lunch break. Whereupon they rush me through filling out a simple form on my current meds (info for which I need to touch base with Susan about – I suppose one of these days I ought to learn that for myself), then take my doc’s first afternoon time slot for a very brief spike follow-up consultation. Now there’s something unusual: taking longer to get to the doc’s office than I spend actually in the doc’s office!

As for the spike: everything basically fine, both sides. Leaving me good to go for at least a year, perhaps five. As long as I point myself the right way.

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Written by macheide

8 December 2008 at 12:44 pm

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