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Listening to Bob

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I’ve been indulging in tuning in to the Bob Dylan Radio that I’m building over at Pandora. Yes, I could always just cue up the Dylan lineup on my Zen Vision:M; or I could always construct my own personal online Dylan program at Playlist. But Pandora is a curious jar: mixing in covers of Dylan songs and Dylanesque influences in other artists like a radio disc jockey telling me “Hey, if you like that, you’d love this too,” seasoning plenty of good Bob with the salt of The Band and George Harrison and Neil Young and Bruce Springsteen and John Prine and Ramblin’ Jack Elliott and all (although not yet reaching as far as Leonard); allowing me to lock songs into the sequence like a radio manager might; then apparently from those thumbs-up signals learning more and more about what I want to hear. Give me enough online sessions doing that, and my Bob Dylan Radio will pretty much sound like what you’d hear on my car radio if I could tune it to the perfect station.

Then again, if I want my Bob pure and straight, Dylan‘s own website has recently shifted from handing out small sampler sound bites to serving up full songs!! Even for the third disc of Tell Tale Signs!

And Columbia’s 1973 blackmail Dylan album, even. Which has been nigh impossible to replace (although it’s said it can be had at iTunes) since I lost my vinyl version. Well, didn’t quite “lose.” It was in the lot I sacrificed when the reb and I finally brought ourselves to deal with the potentially most contentious property division issue in our impending divorce: deciding who would get which Dylan albums. I made it easy: “Give me Highway 61 Revisited and you can have all the rest.” Not immediately realizing how difficult it would be to get myself a replacement copy of Bob crooning Can’t Help Falling In Love. That, and what must have been a bootleg that taught me The Death Of Emmett Till, which I can still hear in my head like it was yesterday, but can’t yet find anywhere else, not even on this amazing Internet. Still, I’ve never regretted the exchange I offered. Whereas she, not hearing her inner Bob to know any better, accepted my proposal without the slightest hesitation or reservation.

I digress. But as long as I’m digressing: my computer has thanked Bob for filling its bandwidth and speakers with his great singing (#7 on Rolling Stones‘ list, which gives me yet another little Bob playlist) to finally get around to registering me at Dylan’s website. Which doesn’t mean I’ve forgiven his website manager’s bad form. Probably just means I’ve got the Zimmerman Blues today, eh?

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6 December 2008 at 7:38 am

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Book Knowledge

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To the minute. Of when my alarm would have awakened me. If this were a work day.

Which maybe it should be. Since what I would be working on if it were, I need to know as well as any actuary would. And then some. I will be asked if I do. By the book. Which is at least as good as was used.

But it’s the weekend. So let’s pretend I know that just as well. And work in some more sleep before we get another start on redecorating the other parts of the surrounding hallways and rooms and yards. Shall we not.

That was a question. I have my reasons for raising it. (And they’re never going to know what hit them.)

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6 December 2008 at 5:11 am

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