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nice priceI’d meant to fill up the Blue Bug‘s tank a week ago, before the Thanksgiving break, but pulled up to our Kroger’s gas pump intending to take advantage of the 9¢ break our grocery card would have given me, only to discover that I’d forgotten my wallet. Then forgot my wallet again this morning, this time realizing my absent-mindedness a mile from the house, so retraced the beginning of my commute, else would have had to break down and pay cash for my gas (not to mention, hope I didn’t get stopped by a policeman asking me to show my license). Then ran the Blue Bug’s tank so low getting into the office today, that I had to get my gas there instead of at Kroger’s. Still, this is by far the best price I’ve seen all year!!

It’s just a good thing the Blue Bug isn’t a member of the American Airlines fleet, or I would have had to pay some of my fuel savings for the privilege of bringing my computer and a second work bag from the office with me. After blaming their consumer-hating luggage fees on sky-rocketing fuel costs when oil rose past $140/barrel this past summer, don’t expect them to see sub-$60 oil as motivation to attempt to win back any of their passengers.

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Written by macheide

1 December 2008 at 2:28 pm

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