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Ta Ta, ChaCha

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Except for that strange 3-day vacation Sheeba recently took, she’s been crashing quite frequently this month. And on maybe one out of every 40-50 crashes – which means about about once every week – the crash gobbles all my browser cookies. Meaning I have to go back and unlock every single one of the various rooms I play in. Which means I have to haul out all my skeleton keys.

But [insert yet another Sheeba crash at this point in drafting this post] noodlenoggin that I am, I haven’t been making my passwords as memorable as I used to since turning into a security-conscious g-man. Yet although there remain scattered pieces of me chained to obsolete accounts that can never again be re-opened, luckily most of my current haunts will simply e-mail me a new password upon request, not even fussing at me for having to do so as frequently as I do.

Except for ChaCha, which just begs for me to mouth the words, “Don’t go there.” I was charmed at first, yes, even proselytized, then even considered putting a little spare time into serving as a ChaCha guide. Only then starting to admit to myself that I’d only really had a passing crush, certainly nowhere near any sort of devotion or love.

If the first impression they make on you comes through ok, then you’re maybe fine for asking another handful of questions, at which point maybe you’ll have seen enough reasonably decent feedback to keep the momentum going for a little while. But sooner or later, you wind up getting just one too many responses like that recent post in the Fail Blog – laughable only just short of the point where you remember that most questions sent to ChaCha are meant to be serious, that ChaCha guides are paid even when they spam you back with obvious crap, and that ChaCha doesn’t really give a rip. From the completely irrelevant Florida trivia I was given when asking for Houston emergency information during Hurricane Ike to the inability of a ChaCha guide to distinguish between “when” versus “where” on a question about George Harrison, along with all the skipped questions and just plain stupidity, one comes to realize that one can never really rely on any ChaCha response, since they don’t filter them out with “valid” versus “invalid” quality control stamps.

Which has what to do with me forgetting passwords? Just that to apply to be a ChaCha guide, one needs to enter an e-mail addy. But ChaCha won’t let me apply, because my e-mail addy is already associated with the ChaCha account I set up back when I didn’t know any better. For which I have of course forgotten the password. But when I request ChaCha to send me a new password, that same e-mail addy they say I can’t use to apply to be a guide suddenly seems to be like the dead letter slot in a U.S. Post Office, not even getting anywhere as close to my e-mail as all those spammers who act like they know me better than ChaCha does.

So I’ve been asking ChaCha less and less and less. And that question I sent them Thanksgiving Day, the one they simply ignored? That one decided me to go ahead and dump ChaCha from my cell phone’s address book. See, ChaCha, forget your own users, and they can return the favor easily enough. And goodbye being way too good a word, I’ll just say, “Ta ta.”

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Written by macheide

29 November 2008 at 12:07 pm

Posted in reprobate


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