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I haven’t been sleeping very much the past several nights. Can’t drift back off after waking about 3am, usually been giving up and getting up to work or read by 4am. Haven’t been finding afternoon naps within reach, except for a very brief one right after Thanksgiving dinner. But then am nodding off earlier than usual in the evenings. Enough days like that, and the whole cycle will shift, like some personal multi-hour version of daylight savings time.

Today, I’ll be checking a powerpoint presentation Nat wants me to review. But will do that on Susan‘s red Vaio laptop. After behaving for three crashfree days in response to being thrown on the floor, Sheeba has been backsliding, so once again can’t be relied upon.

Today I’ll finish decorating the foyer “Hallmark” tree, then maybe experiment quilting a slideshow on it. We need to finish up the week’s pool work, and I might trim a little in the yard while outside. We won’t be going to the UH-Rice Bayou Bowl, but will quite likely watch it on television. And I think we’re meeting Nat afterward for dinner up on that side of town.

In between, I’ll keep decorating the edges around here, probably with an eye toward graphing out some of the other data I’ve collected from S&P 500 companies with September 30 fiscal yearends.

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Written by macheide

29 November 2008 at 6:23 am

Posted in bedhead


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