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Zen Tracks [30] Handel: Amen

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Zen Vision MAmenGeorge Frederick Handel, performed by The London Philharmonic Orchestra and The London Philharmonic Choir – The Messiah
[4:20] * * * * *

Putting up the foyer Christmas tree takes up a huge chunk of my day after Thanksgiving. And I like to spend the first hour plus of that time with Handel’s Messiah supplying background music, volume jacked up to the max on my Zen Vision:M.

And yes, technically this finale isn’t from the Christmas portion; but it was still always my favorite in Messiah sing-alongs that did the whole thing beginning to end, and for the one time that excerpts were sung by a church for which I once sang both bass and tenor parts. Get this one anywhere even remotely near where Handel meant it to go, and singing along sends your spirit soaring higher than the angel atop our foyer tree.

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28 November 2008 at 4:44 pm

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