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in a cozy dining hall like that of sundown, isolated, tucked back against a dense forest on a little ledge of a steep cliff in a narrow canyon

i am handed a collection of vivid photographs titled “new depictions.” scenes of th thick leaves, of the swirling clouds, of th quilt of red and gray rocks on th opposite side of th canyon, of th road several thousand feet down. each image is a moving metaphor of another world living within th one seen. i turn to show this to th tightknit group of people in th dining hall, but they are all preoccupied

i go outside with gerry to look at th rock patterns. i feel th vertigo from looking up across th deep chasm. gerry walks dangerously close to th edge of our ledge, then appears to slip and fall over. i am instantly and urgently frightened, but then almost immediately figure that he must have seen another ledge just below ours and had pretended to fall, just to play a trick on me. still feeling intense vertigo, i ease onto some slippery mud near th edge to check, finding out that i was correct – th second ledge was farther down than i expected, and he has to catch his breath from his jump, but he is safe. when several others emerge from th dining hall, i demonstrate to them how he had pretended to fall

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Written by macheide

20 November 2008 at 4:04 am

Posted in oneirra


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