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Error: Trusting Bloglines

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There has been an error processing your email. The error is:

This email was sent to an invalid address. For the correct email address to submit emails, please vis

truncated message from bloglines,
sent in triplicate at 1:42pm, 2:53pm, and 2:55pm
in response to an SMS message sent at 12:00pm

Invalid e-mail address? No, it was not an invalid address, as can easily enough be demonstrated by simply re-sending the exact same SMS message to the exact same e-mail address enough times. Usually takes three or four attempts, some of those attempts bounced back like this one was, some of them simply dropped into never-never land without so much as a peep, but eventually quite at random some of those messages making it through. The e-mail address is definitely valid. What is invalid is Bloglines‘ handling of its own e-mail subscription capability.

Bad enough that when Bloglines fumbles the ball, it then spams me back like it is doing on this message, with absolutely no way for me to tell it to shut the hell up: it just keeps hiccupping away for as many as half a dozen of its invalid “invalid” messages before giving up on its own, again without any apparent logical pattern to its behavior. What’s worse is that one really can’t rely on Bloglines for micro-blogging at all: there is no pattern whatsoever to its failures. Utterly unreliable.

And then since Bloglines’ e-mail subscriptions were supposed to treat incoming e-mail as though that traffic were coming in like an RSS feed, doesn’t that make one doubt the reliability of its underlying RSS feed service? Come to think of it, since I do have Bloglines RSS feeds for every single one of my various Internet nodes, I have long observed – and have had those observations confirmed – that Bloglines has always been quite sporadic on its updating of my own fresh meat, sometimes dropping new content seemingly at random, other times dumping piles of old material on me completely out of the blue.

Recently, when I noticed that my White House news RSS feed coming through Bloglines had failed to notice Obama’s quite noteworthy visit, I did take the time to check first at the White House news site itself before writing an aftermath post about Bush’s disrespectful omission. Why double check? Because I seriously half expected the omission to have been Bloglines’ fault, not the President’s. If Bloglines were to ever conduct any rigorous audit of its service, I don’t think that its e-mail blunders and its haphazard reading of my own blogs are rare events.

So as much as I do appreciate certain features of Bloglines, I’m in the market for an RSS reader that understands that reliability has to be center stage. And of course, I’ve already given up wasting any further time on Bloglines’ claptrap e-mail subscription service.

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18 November 2008 at 4:22 pm

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