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Zen Tracks [28] Neil Young: A Man Needs a Maid

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Zen Vision MA Man Needs a MaidNeil YoungHarvest
[4:05] * * * *

I know, to Neil this may have simply been a love song to Carrie Snodgress, while to many a deaf feminist – more than one of whom has crossed my path through the years (some of those even willing to freely admit that they themselves needed and wanted a maid, just not willing to accept that a man might do so) – it’s merely sexist tripe. Me, I’ve had my own private obsession with this song from the very first time I heard it through the noise at one of Mickey & Bret’s parties.

To give a love,
you gotta live a love.
To live a love,
you gotta be “part of”

Start just from that odd little interlude, skip to the much more famous beginning of the next song on the Harvest album, and take it from there. I don’t care if Neil Young consciously planned it all out. It all fits whether or not. (Yes, even “Alabama,” notwithstanding all the crap that song’s gotten too.) And not in any way that ought be seen as offensive.

Happy birthday, Neil. You’ve got my Zen Vision:M tonight.

When will I see you again?

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12 November 2008 at 6:53 pm

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Kitten Bed

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I had the large kitchen trash bin into the back bathroom to aid cleaning Gertie‘s cage. A task which of course called for Blue and Cuddles to be excused from the room. When the kittens returned, each one took a turn trying out the trash bin lid. Makes a comfy bed, they think.

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12 November 2008 at 4:45 pm

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Cut from the Team

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Last year when we went to the Houston Rockets’ game that broke the consecutive wins streak, the team was handing out these Clutch soap dispensers. I kept one around for the occasional squirt of Kahlúa into my coffee. But “occasional” has turned into “rarely” then “never,” and it’s been cluttering up my nightstand long enough. Not in any condition to be worth saving for the yard sale we’ll never have, out to the trash it goes today.

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12 November 2008 at 3:40 pm

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Me Meme

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What were you doing 10 yrs ago?

meme from susan, who tagged me

Ten years ago today I had the distinct misfortune of still being married to the ß, a mistake I would repair within the following year. Today ten years later, I am married to Susan.

Ten years ago today I owned two houses, one in Maryland where I on that day was pretending to live, and another in New Jersey where I’d earlier pretended to live before turning landlord. Today ten years later, I own one house, here in Texas.

Ten years ago today I was abandoning a position as head of my company’s actuarial research unit, heading onto a 9-year treadmill ultimately failing to find a way to perform the services I originally was appointed to perform for that organization. Today ten years later, I work for the federal government.

Ten years ago today I weighed as much less than I weigh now as I on that day exceeded what I had weighed five months earlier.

Ten years ago today I was macheide on AOL. Today ten years later, I am macheide here at wordpress, among various other scattered sites on the Internet.

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12 November 2008 at 1:01 am

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