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Media Mismanagement

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Sheeba‘s been having an atrocious Sunday, yet I’ve found a few spare minutes between crashes to get around to a lower level item on my computer task list: updating my Amazon wishlist and collection. Mainly to go through what ought not be so laborious a process as Amazon makes it: to compare the two, then erase from the wishlist and add to the collection what I have.

If Amazon knew how to design and program any halfway serviceable wishlist/collection, and if they only understood how such lists could significantly increase their own business, this would never be an item on my task list. Whenever something on my wishlist were to come into my possession, I’d zip on over, click a box to move the item from one list to the other, then grab some code for recommending to friends that they do the same.

Maybe I should just take this repeating clean-up item off my task list. Replace it with the action Amazon seems to want us to do: Find a replacement web service that can facilitate media wishlists and collection inventories.

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Written by macheide

9 November 2008 at 6:48 pm

Posted in reprobate


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