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APM – October 2008

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As noted several days ago in the continuously updated APM sticky post currently holding aftermath‘s lead chair, the aggregate funded status of global defined benefit pension plans maintained by S&P 500 companies had dropped to a deficit of about $56.7 billion, measured via the Aftermath Pension Metric as the excess of estimated projected benefit obligations over the estimated market value of plan assets. Certainly a material drain on corporate balance sheets, but far far less than some of the doomsday estimates making the rounds (one commonly cited exaggeration pegging the pension deficit for the S&P 500 in excess of $200 billion…ummm, wrong). Contrasting the 10/31/2008 APM of for the S&P 500 set with other commonly referenced datasets, and comparing the 10/31/2008 numbers with those of 9/30/2008 (with these APM numbers representing the aggregate funded ratio, i.e, 100.00 representing pension assets equal to pension obligations) –

      10/31/08   9/30/08
  APM – S&P 500   95.79   99.56
  S&P Composite 1500   95.25   98.85
  Fortune 1000   94.40   97.95
  100 Select Large Pension Plan Sponsors   97.92   101.26
  Dow Jones 30 Industrials   102.41   105.62

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5 November 2008 at 2:16 pm

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Where is your cell phone?

adding a word to a meme from susan

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