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Saturday Morning Sunlight

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1 November 2008 at 10:00 am

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On Sporadic Sleep

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That should be the last time in my life that I put up with chili hot dogs. Susan made me two good ones for lunch yesterday, and my throat and stomach have not been settled since, despite the new sample meds the doc gave me this past week.

I must have been awake 4 dozen times or more last night, with never more than 10-15 minutes of sleep during the longest time down. Several times I did try to just resign and stay up, but then would get drowsy enough to drop back off, only to wake again a few minutes later.

I did have one amusing little dream that managed to be remembered, dream memory being a trick I’ve had difficulty doing the past few weeks. John McCain was being driven by his wife and aides to the polling booths to vote, when they came upon a huge caravan of other cars. “That’s Obama,” exclaimed McCain, recognizing his opponent’s car leading the crowd, “Don’t follow him, don’t follow him, turn, turn, turn!!” But they’re going where we were supposed to be, McCain’s wife fretted, wondering which way they should go now. “Doesn’t matter,” McCain blustered, “As long as we don’t wind up where they do.” Last we saw of them in the dream, they were wandering lost in the Nevada desert, low on gas, a dwindling group of tired joggers padding along behind them.

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1 November 2008 at 7:43 am

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