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Intolerable Commute

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Houston’s first non-hurricane rain in long memory clogs a late morning commute. My last clear stretch of road comes on the ramp down from the Sam Houston Beltway, at 8:26am. Over half an hour later and still short of the 610 loop, word on the radio of more bad traffic ahead finally convinces me to turn around, at 8:57am. Only 7 minutes later, at 9:04am, I am back opposite where the first of these three snapshots was taken. More than 4 times as long on the commute north as it took to come back south.

I’ll head into the office at an earlier hour tomorrow and the day after tomorrow, but without turning back despite suffering almost the same stop-and-go traffic. Which is why my mileage on the current tank of gas will drop to 36.20mpg, still better than most drivers enjoy, but my second worst tank of the year.

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Written by macheide

14 October 2008 at 9:04 am

Posted in abelian


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