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Columbus Day Clutter

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Columbus Day holiday, time off that can be directed toward clearing out that clutter that accumulates on my nightstand. Yesterday’s leftover frap just now finished: that can be replaced with some reheated leftover coffee from out in the kitchen. Nat‘s flashdrive has another college paper she wants me to review: that can be copied over to sheeba and get it back to her tonight. Laser pointer recently put into service to exercise Blue: that can be returned to the pen holder where it belongs. Dylan’s Tell Tale Signs: that can be stored with the other CDs now that its tunes have been synched. The matches brought out for Ike‘s power loss: that can be returned to my match stash. The Zen Vision:M with its tangle of earsets: that can sit there until I’ve listened through Bob’s 115th a dozen times, then it can continue on random from my pocket. Notices from our 401(k) plan of investment option changes: that can get thrown along with the other bits of trash filling the cracks here.

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Written by macheide

13 October 2008 at 8:38 am

Posted in Adrien


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