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Zen Tracks [27] Bob Dylan: Bob Dylan’s 115th Dream

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Zen Vision MBob Dylan’s 115th DreamBob DylanBringing It All Back Home
[6:32] * * * *

I went to sing this yesterday and found I was getting too rusty on the words, of all things forgetting where it went after leaving without the hat. So it being the Columbus Day holiday, this jumps right in line on my Zen Vision:M.

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13 October 2008 at 9:53 am

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Columbus Day Clutter

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Columbus Day holiday, time off that can be directed toward clearing out that clutter that accumulates on my nightstand. Yesterday’s leftover frap just now finished: that can be replaced with some reheated leftover coffee from out in the kitchen. Nat‘s flashdrive has another college paper she wants me to review: that can be copied over to sheeba and get it back to her tonight. Laser pointer recently put into service to exercise Blue: that can be returned to the pen holder where it belongs. Dylan’s Tell Tale Signs: that can be stored with the other CDs now that its tunes have been synched. The matches brought out for Ike‘s power loss: that can be returned to my match stash. The Zen Vision:M with its tangle of earsets: that can sit there until I’ve listened through Bob’s 115th a dozen times, then it can continue on random from my pocket. Notices from our 401(k) plan of investment option changes: that can get thrown along with the other bits of trash filling the cracks here.

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13 October 2008 at 8:38 am

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No Hurry

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This is late for me to be waking, and I could have slept on another hour without rolling over once, yet I wake more suddenly than I need to. I thought to get out there and vacuum around before Kya‘s arrival, not having gotten the memo that she would be AWOL today. So no hurry, we’ll get to chores later in the day.

So the markets will be open today, not joining the federal government, some banks, some schools, and others in celebrating Columbus Day? OK then I’ll have an eye on Wall Street’s reaction to the weekend’s G-7 crisis management hopes as I putter through the next round of APM tweaks. But I won’t add Friday’s APM figure until I get a corporate bond interest rate to go along with stock prices and other data, and so far the Fed hasn’t gotten around to updating one of the key interest rate numbers the APM currently relies on. So no hurry, we’ll just smooth out some rough edges on the APM while we wait.

The sun is peeking through the blinds. A good day for tending to the pool, for walking the dogs, maybe even for some errand runs. But not the leaf-changing sort of autumn day I miss from the northeast. So no hurry, we’ll just wake up slowly and let the morning sun do its thing.

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13 October 2008 at 7:16 am

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