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Desperately Lost

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OK. Still haven’t been pushed far enough away from my Reagan votes to swing over to Obama, not just yet. But McCain’s sure doing a lot more than Obama himself to get me there. For now, he’s convinced me I’d rather abstain than give my vote to the GOP this time around.

Look, the mess that W gave us of foreign policy and the economy and the political world and everything else that matters will pretty much assure us that we’ll be needing a crisis manager around for at least the next presidental term, if not longer. And as if the Palin choice hadn’t already shown us how poor his judgment is, not to mention his dishonesty for pretending his choice was anything other than the cynical political game it misplayed, this cheap dodge we’re seeing during his campaign’s dying moments proves he doesn’t belong behind the wheel when our own ship follows W down.

Keep making those same poor, deluded decisions, and by Election Day I will be casting my vote for Obama, as much as I hate voting for one person just to keep someone else out of office. And for the one or two brainless voters McCain already had in his back pocket, who might shake off their nervousness at his sham long enough to be miscounted as having been swayed by this recent shrill sharpie charade, I can seriously point to a dozen like me whom McCain is turning off, completely off.


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Written by macheide

10 October 2008 at 7:04 am

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