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The plan had been to head out of the office early enough to take my noon conference call at the house, then resume recovery from the flu or whatever it is I caught this week. The Blue Bug blew that plan up while barrelling 60mph along the 610 loop sandwiched between two tractor trailers.

“[T]he ride has been getting more bumpy,” I had observed back when I had the Bug realigned. What I neglected to mention was that although that realignment did straighten out the Bug’s direction, at best it only mildly smoothed out the bumpiness that had crept into my rides since the beginning of August. And as the bumpiness again grew worse into September, I’ve known I needed to get the tires checked. Shouldn’t have taken a high-speed blowout to kick my butt into getting it done.

Since I’m about as bad at anything auto mechanical as I am at handyman tasks, Kelly started on out to assist me changing the tire. But a passing tow truck driver got me going before Kelly arrived, and luckily the blowout had occurred within sight of a local shop of the same tire dealer we’ve used for the past decade. I took my conference call in the tire dealers’ waiting room as the Blue Bug was getting four new tires, and still made it back to the house in time to get some recuperation time in.

At least the Bug has been getting good gas mileage, back up over 40mpg on the past tank, despite including some post-Ike stop-and-go traffic congestion.

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Written by macheide

1 October 2008 at 10:39 am

Posted in abelian


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