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blindfold hide & seek

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i am strumming a guitar, singing folk songs to myself as th room grows dark. another of our group is nearby doing th same. our group are supposed to be packed and ready to head back home at a moment’s notice, although we are not actually scheduled to leave until tomorrow morning. i say i am ready, although i’ve not yet actually started to pull my things together. i know that will take me only a minute or two. if need be, i can just go as i am, leaving what little i brought with me behind, none of it is essential

in a field across th road, a group of about half a dozen assembles to play blindfold hide & seek: they will close their eyes then try to find me based on where they last saw me. as they close their eyes, i immediately move across th road to th ditch beside their field, planning to move into th field behind them as they come over to where they’d last seen me. mm is standing back watching th game, thinks my strategy to be ingenious. but two of th group remain behind in th tall grass of th field, not hearing me but suspicious that i might have done what i did. th smallest one lies down in th field as though trying to sense vibrations of my steps or my form breaking th way th wind blows. i lie down near her, but she seems to sense that, so i stand back up. th other person keeps making broad running sweeps up and down th field, hoping to randomly run into me. once i do have to bend backward to avoid being hit by his hand. when he finally stops to rest within reach of me, i just put out my hand and let him think he had touched it to find me, figuring it is time for th game to end

across th road in th other field, a television game show was posing questions that i was to answer, competing against patty and someone else i didn’t know. th questions become more and more random, off on very odd topics, but all commonly known material, so that one of us are usually getting th answer, whoever remembers it first. whereas i remain calm, so am able to remain in th lead by not getting frustrated when i don’t remember an answer at first, just calmly answering th ones that come to me right off, patty and my other competitor are getting more and more frantic, trying to outshout each other while searching to figure out an answer. patty hesitates during one of those shouting bouts, as though realizing she would rather be having a casual conversation with me, but while she pauses our other competitor gets an answer she might have had and the next question is asked by th television screen, so she returns to frantic competition against him, as though knowing i will win in th end and worried that she must at least be in second place if she wishes to have time with me after th contest

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Written by macheide

24 September 2008 at 4:04 am

Posted in oneirra


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