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September Smiley

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22 September 2008 at 7:24 pm

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Perhaps the State of Texas is trying to make FEMA look good by excusing itself from doing much more than shrugging at the crisis still gripping its largest city? If anyone had any doubts, the state’s official website goes out of its way to make their lack of care obvious.

That “Hurricane Relief” thing at the northwest corner of the state’s home page? A curiously sick joke. It links nowhere, gives no information on how to contribute funds or efforts to any relief, points to nothing that the state itself might be daydreaming about doing for relief, gives absolutely no clue as to what it is even doing there. Just, “Hurricane Relief,” sitting there as impotent as the state’s own hurricane response has been.

But ok, at least that “Hurricane Ike Aftermath Information” links through to something, right? Well, yes, but don’t expect it to take you much of anywhere you could not have gotten to more quickly simply by bypassing the Texas state website entirely, as fitting a metaphor for the state’s Ike response as could be drawn. Must be intentional on the part of the website managers, one could easily think.

Ah, but we can always show that we side with our governor, showing that we empathize with Hurricane Ike victims who have lost their homes, their jobs, and their lives by contributing to the governor’s mansion restoration fund. We must remember to keep our priorities straight, must we not?

[Additional Ike-related aftermath content: Hurricane Ike Aftermath]

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22 September 2008 at 12:52 pm

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Blue on Red

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Yes, I once possessed one of the very first IBM XT machines off the assembly line, and yes, it’s difficult to find so much as an unplugged minute in my day-to-day life. But all things considered, I tend to drag way behind the curve when it comes to tech updates. I may never long for a Blackberry, I know I would rather get exiled back to the rock ages over having to appear with an iPhone, and I’m making a 5-year-old laptop live on life support as long as possible before I’ll replace it with the bare minimum model that will be around when this machine crashes its final crash.

But every now and then I do get pulled along after the crowd into new tech. Susan will pick me up an mp3 player or a laser pen that talks with my laptop for presentations. Or my job will bless me with a wireless card or a new laptop with software that isn’t a decade obsolete. Or some other bit of luck will add to my little tech toy collection.

Like, Kelly got his bluetooth cellphone earpiece wet, whereupon it ceased working, whereupon he seemed to have lost interest in replacing it when he recently upgraded to a Blackberry. The dead piece of equipment sat around on the kitchen counter for a few weeks waiting for me to give it a random moment’s notice. Absent instructions, and me not really having so much as a spark of a knack with such things, it still came very very close to finding the trash can once I did finally play around with it last night, especially after Kelly himself couldn’t get any signs of life out of it. Then suddenly, pop, there it was, picking up an invite from my cell phone, then wending its way through my bumbling explorations of how to make and receive calls with the device.

And so far, I do like it! I’ve been using a hands-free cell phone earpiece that connects with a cord that is barely long enough to reach to a pocket, too frequently inconvenient, not at all relaxed. This bluetooth earpiece gives me far more freedom, far more flexibility.

Another little lucky step forward along the technology highway.

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22 September 2008 at 7:17 am

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