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Signs of Recovery from Ike

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Signs we’re getting over Ike:

  • Soap operas return to daytime TV. (Which just means we stop watching TV once again. It also means it gets that much more difficult to get good information about Ike recovery, since most of us remain without power, Internet access, some of us even without access to our homes; and for many, TV had been the only source of what little information there was to be had about Ike recovery.)
  • The front page of the Houston Chronicle covers non-Ike news. (Yes, apparently some do seem more worried about the hurricane-force winds ripping into Wall Street. At least McCain and Obama continue to remain off the front page, we do have Ike to thank for that, at least.)
  • The USPS shows up at the mailbox. (With as much junk mail as ever. The postman’s presence also reiterates that we are in one of the neighborhoods that was not completely devastated by Ike – in too many other neighborhoods, he would find no mailbox to deliver mail to.)

Still no word, good hand, or any other sign from our Allstate agent, claims adjuster, or any other Allstate rep. Then again, Allstate is making it quite clear they’re not going to be worth using as a sign of Ike recovery.

[Additional Ike-related aftermath content: Hurricane Ike Aftermath]

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Written by macheide

20 September 2008 at 12:28 pm

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