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Hurricane Ike Aftermath

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The center of Hurricane Ike passed us shortly after 3:30am CDT on Saturday, September 13, only about 15 miles away, at the time still boasting maximum sustained wind near 110mph and hurricane-force winds extending as far as 125 miles from center.

Noteworthy Sites – Other websites with important information, news, or other content worth notice (even if only to point out, as in the case of the Texas site, that it may not be worth actually visiting):

  • Harris County Homeland Security & Emergency Management
  • Galveston – Before Ike hit, this site was completely oblivious, never giving any warning, never even posting the official evacuation order. Post-Ike, however, the site is a reasonably good source of information on recovery.
  • Hurricane Ike: What the [Federal] Government Is Doing – Yes, we do criticize, and our criticisms should be heard and acted upon. But although this page remains nowhere near as impressive as what Ike himself has done, it still is worth a visit (even if the Department of Defense seems to have been left with nothing to do so far).
  • State of Texas Ike Page – Except that if you haven’t found what you’re looking for elsewhere, you’re definitely not going to find it here. (Admittedly, the parent webpage, TexasOnline: Official Portal of Texas, currently devotes the biggest chunk of its Internet real estate to a topic that Gov. Perry apparently thinks to be Ike-related: a plea to “Donate to the Texas Governor’s Mansion Restoration Fund.”)

Aftermath – Current focus to the contrary, Hurricane Ike is not what this blog is about, rather merely one of many passing experiences of its Houstonian author. Although many around us will continue struggling through Ike recovery for weeks, months, perhaps years to come, overall the Houston area is already turning the corner toward bright sunlight within a week after Ike’s landfall.

Internet Access!! – As of sometime late morning, Thursday 9/18, we finally have regained Internet access. Accordingly, I am retiring aftermath’s previous sticky post – Hurricane Ike Preparations – in the state that post stood as of Saturday 9/13 1:05am, when we lost power as Ike neared landfall. This post-‘cane post will now remain “sticky” at the head of aftermath, building until I’ve finished catching up with this lost week.

Hurricane Ike Map – Queued up first on my own post-Ike Internet schedule: completing my Hurricane Ike Map, tracking on which was aborted just as I was midway through placing the 1am marker for Saturday morning, about an hour short of landfall.

Volunteer EffortsNat and Lindsey helped out at the POD at UH on Friday 9/19. They’d planned to return Saturday 9/20 with Susan; but it appears UH won’t be hosting a POD then, since area grocery stores will be open.

HOV 45 South – As of the afternoon of Monday, September 22, according to a spokesperson at, the HOV lane on the Gulf Freeway remains closed indefinitely to all traffic, including emergency vehicles, because power has not yet been restored. Not that such information is anywhere near the top of anyone’s Ike recovery list of priorities (and certainly has to come somewhere far beneath restoration of the governor’s mansion), but the difficulty in obtaining this information without calling back every day is one of thousands of examples of the inaccessibility of information that is basic and intrinsic to everyday city life around Houston.

Related Blog Posts – Post-hurricane Ike-related posts in aftermath (including post-dated entries drafted offline during the period when Internet access was unavailable):

Post-hurricane posts about Ike by Susan:

Susan’s post, Borrowed Baby (9/17), was also quite heavily overshadowed by Ike. Although we had made arrangements for a visit from Baby K long before Ike even formed out in the Atlantic and would have wanted to keep those arrangements with or without a hit from Ike, hurricane recovery was present throughout, from the questions about whether her family would return from evacuation in time for our visit, to the hurricane-absorbed atmosphere at McDonalds and the park, to Susan and Nat racing against local Ike-related curfews to get Baby K back to her home.

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